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current clinical trials overview

In an effort notable for its breadth, Taub Institute physician-scientists lead some of the nation's most important multi-center clinical trials for the treatment and prevention of Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and other age-related brain diseases.

You can make an important contribution in our quest to develop new treatments by participating in these studies. It is our hope that with your help, future generations will no longer suffer from Alzheimer's and other devastating diseases of the brain.

Our clinical research includes both observational and experimental studies. Individuals participating in clinical trials may enjoy benefits from the added support and attention received, and most research participants report a positive experience. It is important, however, to understand both the risks and benefits of any study before deciding to participate.

For more details on participating in one of our ongoing studies, please visit the "Current Studies" page. Please contact the individual study coordinators for information regarding specific studies or call (212) 305-1818 for general information about the Taub Institute's research.

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